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Rock Mechanics Analysis

Rock Mechanics Analysis Service Description Geomechanics has an important role to play in assessing formation integrity during well construction and completion and in

Core Acidizing Test

Core Acidizing Test Service Description Acid flow tests can be conducted to verify the compatibility of a specific fluid system

Viscosity Measurement

Viscosity Measurement Service Description U-tube viscometers: these devices are also known as glass capillary viscometers or Ostwald viscometers, which consists of a U-shaped

Wettability Measurement

Wettability Measurement Service Description Wettability is a fundamental property of the interactions between the reservoir rock components and the pore

Resistivity Index and Capillary Pressure System

Resistivity Index and Capillary Pressure System Resistivity Index and Capillary Pressure System provides critical reservoir description data at reservoir temperature,

Relative Permeability Measurement

Relative Permeability Measurement Service Description There are many variations in methods for measuring relative permeabilities. Usually, a cylindrical porous sample is

PVT Analysis

PVT Analysis Service Description Constant Composition Expansion (CCE) For an oil sample, the CCE experiment is used to determine bubble point pressure, under

Electrical Properties Measurement

Electrical Properties Measurement Service Description Formation Resistivity Factor (FRF) and Archi’s parameter (a, m) can be measured by using hydrostatic

Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) Measurement

Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) Measurement Service Description The best method for MMP determination is slim-tube experiments. The slim tube is a long coiled tube filled

Live Oil Production

Live Oil Production Service Description Oil containing dissolved gas in solution that may be released from solution at surface conditions. Live oil must be

Inter-Facial Tension Measurement (IFT)

Inter-Facial Tension Measurement (IFT) Service Description Interfacial or surface tension exists when two phases are present. These phases can be gas/oil,

Cell Porous Plate Capillary Pressure System

Cell Porous Plate Capillary Pressure System Plug samples of known porosity and permeability are saturated with simulated formation brine. The

Density and API Degree Measurement

Density and API Degree Measurement Service Description Accurate determination of the density, relative density (specific gravity), or API gravity of petroleum and its products is

Capillary Pressure Measurement

Capillary Pressure Measurement Service Description The ability of a formation to retain water is an important reservoir property and is

Asphaltene Precipitation Test

Asphaltene Precipitation Test Service Description Asphaltene precipitation is caused by a number of factors including changes in pressure, temperature, and composition.

Wettability Restoration

Wettability Restoration Service Description To condition the samples to the ‘appropriate’ wettability prior dynamic testing. The samples, at Swi, are saturated in

Porosity Measurement

Porosity Measurement Service Description The determination of porosity is paramount because it determines the ultimate volume of a rock type

Core Slabbing

Core Slabbing Service Description Core slabbing exposes the sedimentological, lithological and bedding features of the core and allows preparation of a

Grain Density Measurement

Grain Density Measurement Service Description Density is defined as the ratio of weight to volume. Grain volume can be measured

Core Plugging

Core Plugging Service Description Most routine and special core analysis tests are performed on plug samples cut from the full diameter core.

Fluid Saturation Determination

Fluid Saturation Determination Service Description The methods that are used to measure values of original rock saturation can be classified to two

Core Photography and Imaging

  Core Photography and Imaging Service Description A recorded photographic or digital image of the core is essential. This record

Core Drying

Core Drying Service Description Plugs are placed in an oven and dried at a constant temperature in a humidified or unhumidified environment to constant weight. Plug weights are

Absolute Permeability Measurement

Absolute Permeability Measurement Service Description The permeability of the rock is a measure of the ease of convecting fluids through it and

Core Cleaning

Core Cleaning Service Description Core plugs need to be cleaned to: Remove native oil, mud filtrates, evaporated salts and connate


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