The CRI-PR01 system is dedicated to the determination of the capillary   pressure   curves   (positive   and   negative)   and   the electrical resistivity index as a function of core sample saturation at reservoir conditions. Saturation exponent “n”, formation factor and cementation exponent “m” are also calculated. Knowledge of the water-oil capillary pressure and resistivity index vs. saturation relationship is necessary for many reservoir- engineering tasks:

Assess connate water saturation to calculate oil in place;

Calibrate resistivity logs;

Determine the height of the transition zone;

Model oil displacement either by free water imbibition and/or water injection



Capillary pressure curves (positive and negative)

Formation factor

Wettability index

Resistivity index

Cementation exponent m

Saturation exponent n



 Maximum confining pressure: 6,500 Psi

Maximum pore pressure: 6,000 Psi

Working temperature: up to 150°C

Capillary pressure range: -10  to +10 bar (145 psi)

Core length: 2" up to 3"

Core diameter: 1 ½"

Regulation temperature - air bath: ± 0.2˚C

Volume measurement  accuracy: 10 –2 cc

Pressure  accuracy: 0.1%  F.S.

Electrical: 220 VAC ,50 Hz 1 phase

Dimensions: L x W x H: 1160 x 760 x 2280 mm

Weight: 400 Kg





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