The Capillary Pressure Centrifuge is a refrigerated centrifuge modified to enable rapid determination of capillary pressure. It can also be utilized for rapid sample preparation to restore state conditions for subsequent testing in various test equipment. It includes a rotor and drainage cells. A digital speed control with the ability to ramp speeds at specified intervals and a precision temperature control system is included. An over-temperature set point stops the centrifuge if the temperature exceeds the set point by a specified value. The system is also equipped with a sensor for rotor imbalance. It is equipped with a digital camera system that allows to user to measure the displaced fluid volumes in each of the cells sequentially. The following data sets are available from this experiment as programmed by the operator:


Drainage Capillary Pressure

Imbibition Capillary Pressure

USBM/AMOTT Wettability Index

Relative Permeability




Capillary Pressure Range :

           Oil-Water Drainage: 0 to 750 Psi

           Oil-Water Imbibition: 0 to – 1400 Psi

           Air-Water Drainage: 0 to 2600 Psi

           Air-Water Imbibition: 0 to – 4750 Psi

Measurement Volume Accuracy:  ± 0.05cc

Speed Regulating Accuracy: ± 1 RPM

Working Temperature: up to 90 °C

Rotating Speed: 200 To 20000 RPM

Maximum Arm Length: 17 cm

Power Supply: 220 V, 20A, 50/60Hz