The Asphaltene and Wax Detector and Investigator Apparatus is designed to detect the onset of asphaltene precipitation, the effect of fluid inhibitor on asphaltene flocculation, precipitation, and deposition, and to study the growth of wax crystals and asphaltene solids due to pressure, and temperature changes, and in presence of inhibitors.



Experiment Description

The high pressure sample is injected into fluid visual chamber in application of Back Pressure regulator. Following by desired pressure and temperature changes, the onset of asphaltene precipitation is determined through visual observation of formation of solid particles in the fluid. Subsequent studies regarding physical change of solid particles and/or effect of inhibitors can be hold by the versatile apparatus.



Max. Working Pressure:

6,000 Psi

Max. Working Temperature:

120 °C

Particle Size Detection:

From 0.2 µm

Wetted Material:

Stainless Steel, Quartz

Microscope Zoom


House Software for Particle Size Distribution Measurement



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