The Density Measurement System used to determine fluid density at atmospheric conditions and the HPHT Model consisting of a high pressure, high temperature celmade to cover the range of density f mosreservoifluids.



Density Measurement System (ADM-BR) 



Water Bath Temperature: 0 °C to 90 ° C

Working Pressure: Atmospheric

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1° C

Wetted Material: Glass


Graduated Cylinder


High Pressure/Temperature Density Measurement System (HTDM-BR)



Max. Pressure: 6000 Psi 

Max. Temperature: 150 °C

Temperature Accuracy: 0.1 °C

Reservoir Volume: 25 cc ± 0.01 cc

Digital Balance Accuracy: ±0.01 gr

Wetted Material: Stainless Steel

Digital Balance

Thermal Insulator

Thermal Elements

Digital Indicator


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Recombination Cell Apparatus

Slim Tube Test

Drop Shape Analysis System

Flash Separator