Scope: Flowing a fluid (oil/gas) at desired temperature and pressure



Generally, a core flood system is a system that flows a fluid (gas or liquid) through a core sample at controlled pressure and temperature conditions and measures or monitors flow parameters. 


core-flood core-flood-ps-model


Experiment Description

The dry core is saturated with brine. Then saturated core is flooded by oil until the saturation water reaches to the reservoir initial water saturation conditions. Afterwards oil saturated core will be flooded by brine at high pressure/temperature condition. The relative permeability of oil/brine will be estimated. Total oil production versus time will be plotted.







Pressure Accuracy

0.5% F.S.

0.05% F.S.

0.05% F.S.

Core Length

2″ to 4″

2″ to 6″

2″ to 10″

Working Temperature

150˚C ±0.1˚C

150˚C ±0.1˚C

150˚C ±0.1˚C

Separator Volume Accuracy

0.5 ml

0.1 ml

0.05 ml

Pore Pressure: up to 6,000 Psi

Confining Pressure: up to 6,300 Psi

Core Diameter: 1.5″

Pressure Taps: Inlet and Outlet of Core Holder

Stainless Steel Material

Input Power Supply: 220 VAC, 50Hz

Downstream Pressure Controller

Hand Pump

Force Convection Oven

Computer Controlled System


User Friendly Automated Data Acquisition, Calculating and Reporting Software


Pressure Sensors



Fast Measurement System





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