Bench top tool designed to cut preset core sample lengths. The preset sample lengths can be adjusted at any time by rearranging machined spacers to the desired length between the blades. The quality of the saw blade allows for extreme precision of the end face after trimming of 0.002 inch (5/100 mm)


The tool comes with

  •        core clamping device
  •        housing and cover parts
  •        coolant feeding system
  •        coolant recovery pan
  •        Diamond tool end-face grinding wheel.
  •        core clamping device for whole diameter core sample
  •        recirculating coolant system
  •        hoover for dry grinding operations


All wetted components are constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum for long lasting corrosion free operation. All bearings are sealed to insure long lasting free movement.  The containment pans and splash guards are also constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, anodized aluminum and corrosion free plastic. Recirculating coolant system is also available




Maximum Coring Depth: 6.7" (17 cm)

Bit Internal Diameter: 1.5"

Weight: 300 kg

Drip Pan Dimension: 400 * 300 * 300 mm

Compatible Coolant: Water and Z1 Cooling Oil

Drill Speed: Adjustable

Motor Power: 1100 watts

Height: 1800 mm

Power Supply: 110-220 VAC 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz




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