Scope: Core Plugging from a whole core sample



 Core plugging Machine is an important tool in rock properties laboratory. It is important to take plug samples within the first 24 hours after the core has arrived on surface in order to isolate the center section of the core for accurate invasion analysis.







  Experiment Description


Under supervision of reservoir engineers and geologists, core samples taken from the reservoir are evaluated. Suitable locations for plugging is determined. Core plug with proper diameter is drilled using a diamond drill bit in order to proceed to the desired experiments. 






Maximum Coring Depth: 5" (12.7 cm)

Bit Internal Diameter: 1.5"

Weight: 300 kg

Drip Pan Dimension: 400 * 300 * 300 mm

Compatible Coolant: Water and Z1 Cooling Oil

Drill Speed: Adjustable

Motor Power: 1100 watts

Height: 1800 mm




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