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Petroazma is specialized in providing petroleum engineering laboratory services and the related instruments. The main areas of expertise are:

Laboratory Equipments

  • EOR/IOR Studies
  • Reservoir rock properties
  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • Flow assurance
  • Well simulation
  • Customized laboratory setups

Laboratory Services

  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  • Routine Core Analysis (RCAL)
  • EOR/IOR Studies
  • PVT Studies

Integrated reservoir solutions

  • Integrated EOR/IOR Studies
  • Basic reservoir engineering
  • Reservoir management
  • Fast track studies and problem identification
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PetroAzma Company is proud to manufacture advanced equipment and apparatus required by the oil industry laboratories. We believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company. With a philosophy built around focus and simplicity, we have established a clear strategy that puts customers at the center of all our activities

There is a list of our customers who trust us and associate us in their success.


  • Address: No. 207, Innovation and Technology Building, Shiraz University, Eram Sq., Shiraz, Iran
  • phone : +987191026277-8
  • Fax :07136460792
  • Email : info@petroazma.com