PetroAzma offers a wide range of upstream petroleum laboratory instruments, which meet the highest standards level. The valuable experiences in PetroAzma on laboratory equipment design and manufacturing provide the capability of supplying the products at the following three different categories in order to satisfy the requirements of individual customers with different aims of teaching, research, and service providing:


Basic Research Instruments (BR)

Professional Research Instruments (PR)

Professional Services Instruments (PS)


PetroAzma products include but not limited to:



Core and Fluid Preparation

Plugging Machine

Core Cutting Saw

Double Core Cutting Saw 

Soxhlet Extractor

Dean Stark Extractor

Wettability Restoration Apparatus (HP-HT Aging Cell) 


PVT Analysis

Ambient Density Meter

High Pressure/Temperature Density Meter

Ambient Viscometer

Rolling Ball Viscometer

Interfacial Tension Measurement system

Slim Tube Apparatus

Single Stage Separator

Recombination CeII Apparatus


Routine Core Analysis

Helium Porosimeter

Steady State Gas Permeameter

Core Gamma Logger

Archie Setup


Special Core Analysis

Unsteady State Relative Permeameter

Electrical Properties System

Capillary Pressure Centrifuge

Contact Angle Measurement System

Wettability Measurement System

Core Flooding (EOR) Systems


General Instruments

High Pressure Single Syringe Pump 100 CC

High Pressure Single Syringe Pump 500 CC

High Pressure Dual Syringe Pump